Bethel Baptist Fellowship
Saturday, November 28, 2015
Welcome to our site! Our desire is that this website assists you in understanding the distinctives of Bethel Baptist Fellowship. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have after visiting our site.
Bethel Baptist Fellowship is a Reformed Baptist Church holding to the historic Reformed Confessions of Faith such as The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.
We affirm the five “Solas” of the Reformation:
“Sola Scriptura” – Scripture Alone
“Sola Gratia” – Grace Alone
“Sola Fide” – Faith Alone
“Solus Christus” – Christ Alone
“Soli Deo Gloria” – To the Glory of God Alone 

 "Nowhere does the glory of God's free and sovereign grace shine more conspicuously than in the unworthiness and unlikeliness of its objects."
A.W. Pink

¿Quién dices que soy?
Con esta breve pregunta, Jesucristo confrontó a Sus seguidores con el tema más importante que jamás habían enfrentado.
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